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Liability Insurance
Including Employers, Public & Products Liability

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What does this mean in simple terms?

If an employee or customer slips on a wet floor in your business premises or someone falls on some stairs because of a ripped carpet, your business could be liable because of its responsibility to provide a safe environment for the both your employees and the general public. This is extended further for those companies that produce a product whereby the product also becomes your responsibility.

Do I need Liability insurance?

Almost every business should have some form of liability insurance because despite all the precautions under the sun accidents can and will happen, and being vulnerable to a law suit can spell disaster for a growing business

In fact – many other businesses will not work with you unless you have Liability insurance and local councils often require business under their catchment to have public liability in place before trading. Employers Liability is a legal requirement (there are some exceptions) for anyone that employs a person(s).

Public Liability insurance is not usually a legal requirement like employer’s liability insurance is but, considering it is designed to cover claims that could be into the millions, shows you how just important it is. There aren’t too many businesses that can safely operate without this protection, not to mention the ethical duty to be able to provide compensation should someone suffer loss as a result of your business.

How does Public Liability protect my customers?

If a customer, visitor or any third-party person damages a possession or suffers some kind of loss or injury as a result of your business, you would want to be sure that you can provide compensation to make up for that. As a business owner you have a duty of care to make sure members of the public are as safe as possible, including risk assessments and health and safety checks. If an incident for which you were liable happens regardless, against all your precautions, you risk the public’s health and your business’ by not being adequately covered.

What does public liability insurance cover?

The possibilities of course are endless but as a rough guide the common claims come under these areas.


Tree roots, snagged carpets, a protruding screw head or broken door. Your duty of care dictates that you maintain the properties and places of work but accidents still can happen.

Slips or trips

Pubs, shops, offices and any private or public area you work could see a hazard created by something spilt by someone or something in your business.


Such as items being dropped, falling or breaking whilst in use. These can cause accidents or damage in ways which can’t be predicted. Against all risk precautions insurance for these unavoidable events should always be in place.


Work vehicles, goods being moved in transit, transporting people and driving for business use possess a risk to anyone coming into contact.

No business fits neatly into any one risk category because each one is unique. The job of a specialist insurer is to understand your industry and get to know your business model. That way they can provide or source the cover that best protects your customers.

How much Liability insurance do I need?

This question is a bit like asking, “How long is a piece of string?”. You need as much as you need for your specific risks, and for each business this is different. You can source cover as low as £1 million although any business with any regular contact with the public will most likely start there cover at £2 million at the minimum. Cover generally goes up to around £10 million and most small to medium businesses fit themselves somewhere in the middle. Your local council or work contracts may also impose minimum levels on you.

Employers Liability policies are usually based on a £10,000,000 limit but can be increased upon request.

What else do I need?

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