Statistically, the volume and value of claims made on demolition contractors insurance are high, so if you’re in the demolition trade, you’ll know that insurers regard you as ‘high risk’. That’s because, compared to most businesses, it’s a trade that carries significant dangers.

Who needs demolition insurance?

No matter whether you are a general building contractor who needs demolition cover in place as part of a contractors all risks policy, or a specialist demolition contractor using soft strip, ball and chain or explosives, you need to ensure you have the right insurance in place to reflect the risks you and your business face. Every demolition project is different, but risk is the common denominator. In fact many insurers prefer to simply avoid the whole demolition contractor business. We know the insurers who’ll be happy to work with you, and how to get the best terms out of them. We’ll use our expertise and influence with insurers to create a bespoke demolition engineer insurance policy with cover for the real risks you run on site. We’ll also provide a range of easy payment options, and smash through your cost worries with a truly affordable quote.  The dangers of working with polluted environments, contaminated land and hazardous locations will be factored in. Specialist cover against dealing with asbestos, using explosives and other highly specialised dangers of the demolition and dismantling industry can also be arranged, too (though these inevitably carry a premium when included on your policy).

What is demolition insurance?

Demolition operatives have all the fun, you’ll spend your time demolishing and dismantling old and derelict structures and buildings in a safe manner. But the work you do is full of risks, and as a demolition contractor you could potentially be working with hazardous material such as asbestos or chemicals. Working from height, surrounded by falling debris – it’s a high risk environment to be working in. Our demolition insurance is designed to cover the work you do and meet your businesses individual needs. With our bespoke insurance coverage we are able to tailor a policy to include Public and Employers liability insurance as well as additional covers as and when you might need them. For example we can help arrange insurance cover for the tools you might use such as hammer drills, oxyacetylene cutting equipment and plant machinery.

What does demolition contractor insurance include?

There are a number of risk and considerations to be made when choosing the right demolition insurance policy. For example, you will need to specify whether you are working at height. Beyond that, every policy varies slightly and should reflect your particular needs. Typically, a demolition contractor insurance policy will make provision for:

Demolition Contractors Public Liability Insurance-Imagine a wall or building you were demolishing became unsafe and a fragment of it injured a member of the public. Public liability insurance would protect you from the cost of defending any claim arising, as well as any pay out that was deemed to be required.

Demolition Contractors Employer Liability Insurance-Demolition work is dangerous. It’s not unthinkable that you or a member of your staff (whether directly employed, contracted or casual) could get hurt or worse. Employer’s liability insurance would protect you against a claim, including legal defence costs and any compensation pay out. If you have anyone working under your control, employers’ liability is a legal requirement in the UK.

Demolition Contractors Plant and Machinery Insurance – Whether you own your own plant and machinery or hire in equipment for particular demolition jobs, you need to ensure they are adequately insured. In addition to any cost for replacement or repair of a piece of equipment that is damaged or stolen, you may need to consider how quickly you can get a piece of work up and running again.

What other insurance for demolition contractors should be considered?

In addition to the core cover, you may need to consider other business assets and activities that ought to be insured. At BJP, we’re happy to work with you to understand your business fully and ensure all aspects are adequately covered. You may wish to consider:

  • Tools Insurance
  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance
  • Motor Fleet Insurance
  • Office Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Tax & VAT Investigation Fee Protection
  • Legal Expenses Insurance
  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Why you need demolition insurance?

As a demolition expert, you’ll appreciate the fact the work you do is high risk. So you’ll want to ensure that you have the correct insurance policy in place for the specific needs of your demolition business. Accidents can and do occur whilst undergoing demolition work and damage to people or property can be hugely expensive. Your business is unique and thus will have its own individual risks which a bespoke demolition insurance policy will cater for. If for example the worst does happen, you can ensure your business is able to proceed and continue to operate through any disruption, with our demolition insurance cover offering the ultimate peace of mind for you and your business.

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